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06 April 2005 @ 12:07 am
:@ frickin  
:@ My mom ish a retard. We were supposed to turn in my application today, but she told me to get a new one because SHE crossed out stuff that I put, which she said was perfectly fine the night before. >>; *inserts David quote* Idiots. x_x

I was playing outbreak on single player on hellfire, and when you have to walk across the ledge David was randomly following me so I kept making Kevin say "David,Yes~" with his ad-libs and then David is just like, "Idiots" *grunts like Ryou-lurber's kitteh* xD

;~; sorry for not being at your NHS-thingers, Sam and Chrisseh ._. 1) We had company so my mom refused to go anywhere. 2.) I passed out as soon as I got home *dies*
Current Mood: complacent
Current Music: FMA ~ Ending :D *headbangs*