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Nico Robin
03 April 2005 @ 08:58 pm
Ahahahaha *grunts* Ahaha ._o I finally got seven dollars, yo. =___= *stalks FMA necklace*
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Nico Robin
01 April 2005 @ 09:34 am
Ahahahaahhahaahaha..ebay is my new lurber :D *stalks Full Metal alchemist necklaces* O__________O Ahahaha Roy gloves!~ xD and pocket watches *wiggles and becomes edward* :@ Aha! Even though I lurb Roy way more then him xD
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Nico Robin
31 March 2005 @ 11:02 pm
Ahh~ Sleepy, but o.o not realleh. xD I'm making random layouts for my site but I dunno if I should change layouts seeing as I did like a week ago xD Gah and in another week i'll probably be making a new one -stabs self-
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Nico Robin
31 March 2005 @ 03:35 pm
On the way home from school, there was this random duck standing on the side of the road (near the big pond-thing near my apartment)
Mom: hi baby :D
Duck: *hisses*
Mom: What did you just say to me?
Duck: *Hisses more*
Mom: xD I know you did not just hiss at me
Duck: *Hisses louder*
Mom: o_O *drives off*
Me: *dies laughing* xD

Ahahah xD it was like sticking its tongue out too *dies*
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Nico Robin
29 March 2005 @ 06:36 pm
Ohmigod :0 Mrs. Johnson actually helped me today, without failing miserably. She kept getting an attitude when I asked a question though. -_-; At least she helped, but I dont think it was really necessary for her to shove her butt in my face when she turned around to help some dood next to me. ._. Maybe Norman would've liked it, cause he's a loser xD Elizabeth kept saying he was on his period xD and that he was too stupid to notice ~_~ We got the watch the sexy commercials in german again xD I didnt feel like paying attention so I just scribbled down some stuff to put to my site. o_O The test was easy *wiggles* We got to study Napoleon in World History xD It was cool. But the French-peoples put away the guillotines xD *gets reminded of the prison on Code: Veronica* o__O; Aahahahahha. *stares*
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Nico Robin
29 March 2005 @ 09:06 am
"Nemesis wanders onto the beach in a pair of khaki shorts, and a Hawaiian shirt. He waves, smiling. At least it looks like he’s smiling, with him, who can tell?"

"“Next, from Rockfort Island. Everyone’s favorite cross dresser…Alfred Ashford.” Waves a hand in front of his face. “Damn it’s hot out here.”

Alfred bounds out wearing a red bikini.

“Oh God, my eyes!!” Wesker screams, turning his face. “Christ boy find a shirt or something! Next on our list is, ah yes. Dr. James Marcus.”

Marcus struts out onto the beach in his white dress, accompanied by several leeches. Wesker groans, shaking his head.

“Nice dress.”, Alfred says nodding. Marcus smiles back at him."

ahahaha this is so phucking retarded xD

“Keep on dreaming. Only my beautiful sister should have the honor of being the leader.” Alfred smiles, trying to look evil, but the bikini is running the whole effect.

xD *rolls*
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Nico Robin
28 March 2005 @ 08:20 pm
xD sorreh for disappearing after I died on DD, Chrisseh o_o I had to pee like a mother phucker so I went to the bathroom xD and I didnt see you in the lobby after so I left ~_~ xD ahaha my mom made potatoes
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Nico Robin
28 March 2005 @ 09:34 am
Ahahaha, I wasn't late for school after all. :D I sat in mah desk one minute before it was time to start class. *wiggles* o_O my powerpoint for computer applications ish gonna suck. XD *shrugs* :@ it has an awesome phallic shaped rocket ship that grows and shrinks XD XD God I'm such a pervert xD XD Chrissy's computer was about to wig out when she put some random disk in there xD so she has to use mine :D :D

Chrissy: *stares over here* tell them how cool I am
Me: xD Kay

:@ she ish cool *wiggles in the midst of coughing to death from a cold she's most likely catching from her mom* ._o boom chika chika
Nico Robin
28 March 2005 @ 07:36 am
Ahahaha I'm late for school. *screams* :D
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Nico Robin
27 March 2005 @ 10:15 pm
xD Ahahaha, Laura ish all fjdsklfjdskfjdsa and hyper. O_O Like I was yesterday with cupcakes *dances* I'm going to have one of those drinks she had..PEER PRESSURE ._o *shrugs* Bunanana Calvin ish making me a custom gaia avatar thinger *wiggles* *rolls around on the ground with him* :@ long time no talk fool.

xD Kyle thinks my msn name ish insane. O_O; It's just Laura making froggy noises xD Ahaha. Since when are there vitamins called B3, B5, B6, and B12? o_O *shrugs* My head still hurts..I'm thirsty :0 I might sneak a soda when mah mom goes to shleep. :@ OOGA BOOGA. I wonder how bad I failed my Geometry quiz XD I only left 3 or 4 blank though x_X I kind've went blankage though. :O holy shiz I found SH4 under my bed xD how the hell did that get there. I wonder how long I'm gonna put off playing it ._o *randomly eats sucker from 52352 days ago* still tastes good XD
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