-Shrugs- Friends only :D

Wee..I'm friends only now. Why?

1.) The only people who would actually read my journal ARE the people on my friends list.
2.) I wanted to make a pretty Roy graphic. X3;;
3.) ...Goldfish snack crackers are yummy.

-shrugs- If you want to be on mah friends that bad, just comment. :D

Grumpy Guss ~__~

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Squee, just woke up a while ago and it's already time for bed. Maybe I'll go sleep and get rest so I can fall asleep anyways pay attention for once in school. -shrugs- OR! I can stare tiredly at my monitor, which I've been doing for a while. :B


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I was randomly cleaning my room and I heard This is Halloween and im all :O NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS SIR and I searched around to find my step dad watcing it xD wee so I ran in my room and started watching it! *dances* ^___^


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Holy hell...My "Roy Mustang :heart:" piece on deviant art already has 95 views o____o;; wow..thats weird. x_x;; I just uploaded it a couple of hours ago. Roy is loved :D


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I think I'm becomming a tad bit color bar crazy o-o;;; *stares at user info*

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xD Ahaha today at school while me and Heather were walking to geometry together:

Me and Heather: *looks up*
John Hamilton: *glares and walks by*


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Mkay, so when me and meh mom got in the car (I did tell my mom that I dont get in the car with strangers, Chrissy xD) I hurried and finished up my application and we went to turn it in. And some chick was all ":@ you have to have a drivers liscence!" So I'm all "Why..? o_O" And she's like, "So we can be sure if you're a citizen." Okay, WTF -_-; I told my mom and she went in there all pissed like and talked to some random manager dude and he said that I can just show them mah birth certifcate xD go mommeh >_> they're probably not going to hire me now thanks to your scaryness, but I love joo anyays :@ *grunts*

On a happier note xD, I drew a pretty yaoi picture :D It's supposed to be two of my guy-characters with Elixer in zeh background o.o; but I have this thing where I cant draw the same person/place/thing exactly the same twice ^_____^ So they look nothing alike~ The only way you can actually tell Elixer ish back there ish because of her weirdo hair style -_-; I'll probably shade it tomorrow at school or something o.o; *grunts for the 29358932th time* xD I actually drew not crappy light with pencil for once! Yay o_O; *wiggles and what not*

:@ frickin

:@ My mom ish a retard. We were supposed to turn in my application today, but she told me to get a new one because SHE crossed out stuff that I put, which she said was perfectly fine the night before. >>; *inserts David quote* Idiots. x_x

I was playing outbreak on single player on hellfire, and when you have to walk across the ledge David was randomly following me so I kept making Kevin say "David,Yes~" with his ad-libs and then David is just like, "Idiots" *grunts like Ryou-lurber's kitteh* xD

;~; sorry for not being at your NHS-thingers, Sam and Chrisseh ._. 1) We had company so my mom refused to go anywhere. 2.) I passed out as soon as I got home *dies*
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